let the dark also have dawn-Mi motion activated night light

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Mi motion activated night light
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Let us know who invented the light bulb in the textbook.The first immediately think [Thomas Edison], in fact, not Edison invented the light bulb, but a man named Henry [Goebbels] invention, Edison just to improve, and has patented, seen in detail Wikipedia “click me”.

With the light bulb, it has great convenience for human life, and it is inseparable from life…

Induction lights make life convenient

【 To have an elderly person in our family is to have a treasure of our own. 】 This familiar and familiar saying, I believe that everyone is no stranger. In a person’s life, as he grows older, the mobility is very inconvenient. When he wants to go to the toilet at night, he can’t immediately ask his children for help. At this time, if there is a guide light in the darkness of the night, it is definitely a great help for the elderly.

If there are young children in the family, they want to go to the toilet at night, even if they are not tall enough, with the help of induction lights, it is easy for children to find the toilet, so that they are not afraid of being too dark and not going to the toilet.

Most young children will have the experience of being afraid of going to the toilet at night…

The reason for buying Mi motion activated night light

The children once said: I am afraid of the dark, so I didn’t go to the toilet one night! I think that I might encounter a similar situation at home, so I want to find information about the relevant sensor lights. The conditions are [convenience, small size can be attached to the wall, hook, price], here I introduce a The sensor night light that you use in person, let you choose to buy as a reference.

Unboxing of the Mi motion activated night light

1.Outer box

2.hook up

3.Instruction manual

4.Frontal photo

5.Back photo

The red circle indicates that it is 3M adhesive, sticking to the wallpaper or the surface that is easy to peel off. After use, it will cause surface damage.

6.Remove the back cover

The back cover is using the tenon[Three red circle marks], using the rotating loading and unloading

7.Install three three-cell batteries

Just three three-cell batteries, the author recommends using a rechargeable battery

8.Adjust the brightness

The expression of brightness intensity is darker to the right and brighter to the left.

9.Product content

The advantages of the Mi motion activated night light

It’s very simple to use, it only requires three three-cell batteries, it’s power consumption is small, and the rechargeable battery can be used for a long time.It can be mounted on any wall, small and beautiful, and does not take up space. The Mi motion activated night light with hooks can be hung in the closet and it is easy to find clothes in the middle of the night. The price is not expensive, less than a thousand dollars!


Disadvantages of the Mi motion activated night light

Although the Mi motion activated night light can utilize the 3M adhesive on the back side,but the 3M adhesive is very viscous, so when it sticks to the entrance or the surface of the wallpaper, it can cause surface damage after removal. In addition, the power consumption itself is very low. Even if the brightness is adjusted to the maximum, there is no such thing as [very bright], so it will not cause eye discomfort, but occasionally it will not be noticeable.


I think the Mi motion activated night light looks beautiful, it can match the color of the walkway and the door in my home, plus the small size does not take up space, so I won’t pay special attention to it.

I mostly use it in the closet, it is very convenient to find clothes in the middle of the night, no need to grope my way! Unfortunately, 3M adhesive is too strong, which will cause the risk of wall paint falling off, but the price is not expensive.

If you also need to sense the night light, you can try to buy a cheap the Mi motion activated night light!


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